Saturday, July 2, 2016

Meg vs. Father's Day: Necktie Cookies

This is ridiculously late, but for Father's Day we wanted to make a gift for the men that teach in our primary classes at church. We couldn't think of anything good that we could make on our very small budget, so we just decided to go with sugar cookies. I made ties, and our primary president made cute little circles that said "Thank you," and then we packaged them up in plastic bags with paper toppers.

Here was my part:

Piped in white

All decorated and drying

As always, I used my favorite sugar cookie and royal icing recipes from the amazing Sue at Munchkin Munchies. They seem to have been a hit with the men, and my boys were more than pleased with the broken and leftovers.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Meg vs. The Entryway: Just like I envisioned!

It isn't very often that I make my decor turn out the way I imagine it from the beginning. Such a thing requires me both finding what I am looking for and finding it cheap or on sale. But it happened in this one little corner.

Here's how it looked when we moved in. (Complete with mess.)

First order of business: take down those weird hooks and paint the walls. Then add a shoe cabinet from Ikea that I had liked for a long time.

Make sure little guy also approves.

Add a couple of spray painted Ikea frames, a Wal-Mart mirror, and leave it for several months.

Finally find a coat rack on clearance at Sam's Club, and spray paint the pole.

Voila! A little blurry (got to stop taking these pictures on my phone).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back for More?

It has been a long time. My husband tells me I should document what we're doing to our house here in Texas now that we've settled in and are working little by little on making it ours. I added our new to-do list, and am using another tab to keep track of fun things to do with my kiddos around here, but I'm not feeling too ambitious so we'll see where I go from here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Finishing up

Sometimes you buy a fixer-upper, and you think you'll live there for four years and do all the work yourself. Sometimes you end up having to move twice instead and rent the place out. And then sometimes it feels surprisingly good to pay someone to finish what you couldn't. 

This house finally got the full makeover it deserved! Now time to sell...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Meg vs.Time: Facebook Friday

I cheated a little this week, mostly checking on the group of parents of children with cleft lip and palate so that I could update the group blog, so I'll give myself a pass on that one. I also snuck a peek at some Halloween pictures; all those little kid costumes are irrisistable! On to the fun:

1. Instrument humor. Hehe.

2. This is how I feel all the time.

3. Ever wonder if you are wearing tights or pants? I see too many people that haven't figured that one out yet... This post can help you, as can this flow chart from Buzzfeed:

4. My kids are loving the InstaMinion app on Facebook.

5. In case "What Does the Fox Say" isn't enough shenanigans for you, Ylvis presents "The Intelevator"

p.s. There are four episodes of this. You're welcome.

6. Nice costumes, BYU!

7. Awesome graphic and Mindy Kaling quote from Beauty Redefined:

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Meg vs. Time: The Return of Facebook Friday

It's time to cut back on Facebook again. I am doing somewhat better at cleaning my house and keeping up on things, but the computer is an all-too-accessible distraction, and a constant stream of trivialities is killing my productivity. And my nap time. So in no particular order, here are today's gems from the internet:

1. My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter. 

I find this Pinterest board hilarious. You can follow on Facebook, Instagram, etc. etc. as well. I think she just published a book, too.

2. On a very related note, this post about Restoration Hardware children's rooms is spot-on and pretty funny.

3. Yes this.

I put the diapers in the washer first thing yesterday morning, and finally put them in the dryer just before bedtime.

4. Food for thought on sleepovers. Not there yet with my kiddos, but I had a lot of awesome and not-so-awesome sleepover experiences growing up.

5. I heart C.S. Lewis.

6. Marvin J. Ashton is pretty swell too.

And that will do it for today. Happy Friday!