Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meg vs. Food: Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

My baby turned one a couple weeks ago, and I was feeling guilty for not planning much of anything as the house is still not put together and we were leaving to visit my grandma in Tokyo the next day. I knew I at least had to make his birthday cake even if I didn't throw a themed party complete with costume like I did for my oldest...

Little Fellow recently picked the Cat in the Hat as his favorite stuffed pal, so I went with that to create some Cat-themed cupcakes.

I snagged the cups on Pick Your Plum a while back (sort of on accident, but that is another story). Following some advice I found on Pinterest, I altered the add-ins for a box of cake mix to make cupcakes that were extra moist and tasty. You add in one extra egg (or two if you want it extra moist), replace the oil with butter and double the amount, and use milk instead of water. Of course I filled the cups too full so they spilled over, but I thought that ended looking even more Seuss-ish than I had planned so it was all dandy.

For the frosting I used this recipe for whipped cream cream cheese frosting. It is so perfect! The taste of cream cheese frosting with the lightness of whipped cream frosting; definitely my new favorite.

I was also making up some carrot muffins, so I used some of the batter to make an individual cake for baby boy to dig into.

Happy first birthday to my littlest guy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Meg vs. Myself: Things I should have learned already

I thought I'd start imparting my housekeeping wisdom to myself, since I seem to need it. One husband and three boys in, it's about time I learned.