Vallejo To-Do List

Living & Dining Rooms
Replace shelf brackets with floating shelves
Paint and cover a bench for the entryway
Wall decor
Paint and organize coat closet
Area rug
Repair wall cracks
Add a ceiling fan/light fixture
Re-do the kitchen table and chairs
Replace broken hook for chandelier, reconnect wiring and chain
Shorten the blinds
Get rid of old wall heater, add central heating

Replace missing molding by the door
Replace the door
Move bottom cabinet between the fridge and the oven
Tile backsplash
Clean cabinets
Fix awkward molding at the ceiling
New oven

Master Bath
Re-set toilet on new wax ring
Repair sub-floor damage and re-tile master bathroom floor
Secure towel rack
Fix holes from prior towel rack
Replace fan
Replace door (Painted the door instead, and it looks great!)
Caulk around the bath unit

Kids' Bath
Re-set toilet on new wax ring
Take down vinyl sheeting in bath surround, repair walls behind, and tile
Stain/paint vanity
Paint walls & trim
Replace towel/TP rack
Replace medicine cabinet with a cute mirror
Replace fan/light fixture
Bleach the floor grout
Replace the pink tile border
Replace the mismatched molding
Replace doors on the cabinet over the toilet
Strip and re-paint the chipping door
Replace the vanity top (Tried, then painted it instead!)

Replace ceiling fan in master
Replace light fixtures
Take down or fix painted paneling in the front bedroom
Texture walls in the front bedroom
Repair cracks
Replace smoke/CO detectors
Replace master bedroom door
Dresser for the nursery
Dressers for the big boys' room
Shorten the blinds 

Repair falling seam tape and re-plaster over it
Repair cracks
Paint and organize hall closet
Add smoke/CO detectors

Sun Room
Remove huge, ugly cabinet
Drywall over the hole behind the huge, ugly cabinet
Fix the stairs and make them safe
Tile the floor
Replace the glass door with something that locks
Organize toys and create a functional play space for the kiddies
Patch where the knob made a hole in the wall
Turn the french doors so they face the right direction

Replace garage door
Replace missing insulation and wood panels
Put up storage shelves, organize
Replace door to backyard
Clean out attic area
Fix stairs

Replace windows
Repair cracks in stucco
Replace damaged eaves
Re-do/replace mailbox
Check/straighten/reenforce foundation beams Had them checked, and it looks like they are fine!
Bolt down unbolted parts of the house Turns out it was already bolted, but they are old and hard to see from the front.
Add gutters on South side of house
Improve drainage around the house
Refinish and reenforce old rocking bench to put on the front porch
Replace front shutters

Clear all plants at least 6" away from the house
Trim front bushes
Remove dead trees
Remove trees/branches that drop nastiness all over the yard & house
Re-finish/coat deck
Secure deck trellis, replace lattice Tore it down instead!
Plant a garden for the kiddos
Clear ivy/other plants encroaching on the back yard
Build a fire pit
Clean out the old shed
Trim back overgrown trees
Remove scraggly rose bushes, prune remaining bushes to a reasonable size
Add a lawn in the back yard
Landscape front yard planters
Landscape backyard perimeter
Repair fences
Repair side gate

Emergency Preparedness
Make 72-hour kits 
Build at least a 3-month supply
Water storage


  1. That wore me out, and I'm not even doing any of the work! I think I'll go read...

  2. love this!! i do the same thing and everyone thinks im nuts with my gigantic old house to-get-to list :)

  3. You have several things you completed that you have not yet crossed off! Go you!!!