30 x 30

Thirty things I wanted to do before I turned thirty:
  1. Finish up all of our major home repairs. Now that we're moving, this deadline is up to June 1.
  2. Decorate my house as though I were planning on staying here. Found out we were leaving before I could finish decorating. 
  3. Run a ½ marathon. I let myself off the hook for this one; there was no way with John studying every waking minute that I could sneak off for 2-hour runs.
  4. Sew an article of clothing from scratch and wear it.
  5. Get a professional pedicure. Thanks, Mom!
  6. See Les Miserables on stage.
  7. Get life insurance. We actually decided to go with a different financial plan in the case that anything happens to me, but are planning to get it for John. So I am going to count that because we made a plan and went with it!
  8. Read War and Peace. So, so amazing. Loved it.
  9. Learn how to hit a golf ball and not look like an idiot (I don’t even aspire to try to get it in the hole). I'll keep working on it, but I did hit the ball..
  10. Ride a horse. (Not on a pony ride or guided by someone else.)
  11. See Yosemite. Bought a Groupon for a two-night stay for Spring Break! It was lovely.
  12. Decorate my house for all the major holidays and celebrate with my kids. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, kids' birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July (didn't decorate, but did celebrate!) - check!
  13. Grow a successful harvest of something other than zucchini. Berries! We won't discuss the fact that my bushes all died in the heat when we moved...
  14. Catch a fish. 
  15. Make a pretty makizushi.
  16. Have only one child in diapers.  Little Brother is mostly trained!
  17. Date my husband – plan something every week, no matter how short the time. We have been pretty consistent except when I have been out of town, but we've tried to make up for the ones we've missed =).
  18. Do/try at least half of the things I have pinned on Pinterest. I didn't take an exact count, but after an overview of my boards I did pretty well! I also purged things I would never do and spent a lot less time on Pinterest, which was an overall win.
  19. Learn Pachelbel’s Canon in D on the piano. Still working on it; I should have picked a song that is more in my range of possibilities; I couldn't play this well even when I was at my best.
  20. Establish and maintain a routine to keep my house clean and organized. Falling behind...
  21. “Upcycle” or purge all the clothes in my pile. I have accrued some more mending, but did all the big ticket things I wanted to do.
  22. Have a yard where I enjoy spending time with my family. Ended up getting it by moving to a rental =). Still working on the yard at the house...
  23. Stay on a budget for more than a month.  Sigh. We really will do this, soon. This year has been too stressful for me to force myself to get on this.
  24. Start accruing real food storage (done on purpose, stuff we can survive on and will actually eat). Only got as far as restocking the 72-hour kits.
  25. Learn to cook a palatable steak for my husband. Made one for his birthday, and he liked it well enough. Thanks, Pinterest!
  26. Read one (non-picture) book each in Japanese and Spanish. Read the Japanese book (is it cheating if it has parallel English text? I don't care; that language is impossible), and Flor de Leyendas and La Sirena Varada, though I have another play I have been trying to track down.
  27. Write 100 posts for my family history blogs, and get what little I have done in some semblance of order. Current Count: 41
  28. Finish translating articles for my cleft blog in Spanish, and update both blogs. Translated 3 posts. I really need to find someone else to help with this!
  29. Learn how to do my makeup for realsies and find products that I like and can afford. I realized that I just don't care enough about my makeup to spend a lot of time and money on it. I have figured out a few key products I like, and can buy for cheap, and mostly just need to actually use them every day!
  30. Create a wardrobe I am pleased with and get rid of everything else. (Tricky, since I am in the “I am constantly changing sizes” phase of life.) I have gotten a lot better at only buying/keeping things I really like and will wear. It's not my dream wardrobe, but I am happy with what I have.

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