Thursday, July 12, 2012

John vs. The Bathroom: Progress

Here is the pictoral account of John's progress over the last two weeks. I was gone one week at my mom's place, and now I am mostly doing damage control trying to keep up with the boys, keep the mess under control, and help out where I can. There have been A LOT of trips to the hardware store!

Ripping out the old green board and the lathe and plaster behind it.

Had to clip the old wire mesh and separate the wall from the ceiling.

The tile border wouldn't come off, and John found mold on the bottom of the wall, so out came the bottom foot of lathe and plaster around the bathroom perimeter.

Vapor barrier went up over the bathtub surround.

Then cement board went up all around.

The tiling has finally begun, so pictures will be forthcoming. John also painted the baby room while we were gone, and little guy is enjoying a much nicer view now. I have the best hubby ever, and he is learning a lot. Thank goodness for a good friend that has been mentoring him through the whole process.

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  1. Good thing there were no new posts on the "family" blog because then I defaulted to the Meg vs. the House blog and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of documentation on the massive bathroom redo. I'm going to show Papa Bear. It's lookin' like John's a chip off the old block. BTW, I love the mirror over the bench by the front door. Love, Mama Bear