Monday, September 10, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals September 10-15

September 3-8
Monday: Hang curtains in the boys' room.

Tuesday: Start painting that chalkboard! Get first quote for painting the house.

Wednesday: Finish painting the chalkboard.

Thursday: Spray paint clothespins and frames for the nursery.

Friday: Cut molding, adhere it to the chalkboard.

Saturday: Repaint wainscoting in the living room.

Sigh. I have focused most of this week on trying to get my breech baby to flip, and trying not to overdo it. I am also losing steam by the end of each week, as you can tell. I think this week I shall focus on baby nesting and see how I do!

September 10-15
Monday: Pack hospital bag, make a list of any additional things we need to buy before baby comes.

Tuesday: Pull out the infant car seat, wash the cover.

Wednesday: Pull out and wash the newborn and 3-month baby clothes.

Thursday: Potty party for big boy #1! He's only had two real accidents in 10 days.

Friday: Take it easy; my version is scheduled for 6am. Turn, baby, turn!

Saturday: If new laptop is here, deliver desktop to my sister and clear the desk out of my room. Rearrange to make room for bassinet/baby stuff.

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