Monday, September 3, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals September 3-9

August 27-September 1
Monday: Finish the sewing for the headboard (let's try for a less ambitious goal, shall we?).

Tuesday: Put the headboard together.

Wednesday: Sand, then paint the chalkboard layer on the board.

Thursday: Buy molding for the chalkboard.

Friday: Attach the molding to the chalkboard. Make the hubs figure out how to hang it safely. Clean house because Mom is coming! (Don't worry, Mom, I'm sure I'll leave some dishes, just for you.)

Saturday: Make decisions about framing projects, pick up paint, and start painting. 

I didn't manage to get to painting the chalkboard, but I did do more than I expected on my frame projects, and WE POTTY TRAINED THIS WEEK! Started on Tuesday, and had no accidents Saturday and Sunday. That alone would have made me ecstatic about this week. On we go, with 3 weeks left until baby is due! (But 4 weeks until I really expect him to show up...)

September 3-8
Monday: Hang curtains in the boys' room.

Tuesday: Start painting that chalkboard! Get first quote for painting the house.

Wednesday: Finish painting the chalkboard.

Thursday: Spray paint clothespins and frames for the nursery.

Friday: Cut molding, adhere it to the chalkboard.

Saturday: Repaint wainscoting in the living room.

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