Friday, May 3, 2013

Meg vs. Time: Facebook Friday

It is getting harder and harder to find things I want to repost. More proof that I should kick my Facebook habit. But here are a few gems:

1. This article:  "I Read All the Baby Sleep Books." Spot on.

2. Emily is back blogging on For the Love. If I get my act together, I will be too... Anyhow, she has lots of good things in store!

3. This is pretty awesome. (Excuse some of the language.) This guy plants gardens in the inner city.

4. The Red Cross has mobile apps to help you during emergencies. Sometime when I jump into this  millennium and get a smart phone, I will have to download them.

5. My nephew got his yellow belt!

6. So true. Except I would have to have to have the figure to wear all of those clothes...

7. Last but not least:

Now there is some wisdom. Happy Friday!

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