Monday, April 29, 2013

Meg vs. The Bathroom: Holdups

I was really excited because I put the light fixture back up and hung the new mirror and everything was looking fabulous. Then I had John help me put the new vanity on...and it didn't fit. The original was 49" x 19", but the box stores only carried 49" by 22". I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to have a top that hung over the front slightly, but in the end it didn't sit right, we had to move the vanity away from the wall, and it just looked silly. So back to Lowe's it went, and I ordered one online that should be here in a couple of weeks. Sigh. Our friend is hopefully going to come this week to help John put up the molding, but other than that I am kind of at an impasse in the bathroom. I guess I can work on cleaning the tub and floor (they need it after all the construction!).

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