Friday, April 19, 2013

Meg vs. Time: Facebook Friday

To be honest, I have not been keeping to my Friday rule, but I am going back on the bandwagon this week!

1. First and foremost, thoughts and prayers to all the people on a practical citywide lockdown in Boston. And prayers for the victims and families who are coping. And those affected by the explosion in Texas. And, to be honest, prayers for the people perpetrating the chaos. Nothing good ahead for them. It is getting to be a scary world, which makes me more grateful for the peace and comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He can heal all wounds.

2. This cheers me up, too.

2. And this guy. Love my Japanese media. And this motivational tennis champ. You can't give up after watching this!

3. Geek.

4. This compilation of photos from an abandoned town near Fukushima is really moving.


6. If you ever feel like complaining about human childbirth, check out the kiwi's egg.

7. Super Filibuster from a shoot for Parks & Rec--more geek.

And 7 will do it for today folks. Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. That Japanese video made Landon and I laugh and laugh! I loved looking through the Fukushima photos. It's pretty amazing to think of all the things that are left and what happens to them.