Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals January 14-19

Well, obviously I am doing this a bit late. Better late than never? I am trying to focus on simplifying this year, and sometimes that just means going to bed instead of staying up to blog...

On to the report:
Januray 7-12
*Touch up any paint necessary in the front bathroom, take down the tape, clean it out and have it ready to put the vanity back.  I forgot how much touching up was necessary; there were a lot of little nooks I had to paint by hand with a tiny brush... I did clean most of the stuff out of the bathroom and also put the ceiling fan/light back together, but it still needs more work before the vanity can come back.
*Finish putting away everything we packed/received/accumulated over our Christmas break.
This was about three carloads worth of stuff; all the stuff we took on our trip, all the stuff we received, more stuff my mom brought up, and more from our second Christmas celebration with my family. Phew! Now I have to purge so there is room for everything.

I tried to put things away right away instead of letting them sit and pile up. I even put up the new frames my aunt gave us!

Now to actually put our pictures inside might take a while longer. Those people look nice on our wall though. (Oh my goodness, I am turning into my mom!)

*Take down and put away the Christmas decorations. This was a serious task. I even hauled the Christmas tree out, cut it up, and put it in our green waste bin all by myself. I still need to reorganize a couple of the boxes because we keep accumulating Christmas stuff, but I am satisfied with getting it out of my living room.

January 14-19
*Finish cleaning out the bathroom and put the vanity back.
*Start staining the vanity.
*Order the topcoat for the vanity.

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  1. Having picture of "other people" runs in the family... I was given a beautiful family tree with hanging ornaments, still have the original pictures after 10+ years..