Friday, January 18, 2013

Meg vs. Time: Facebook Friday

I don't think I am alone in the fact that Facebook has become my default time waster. When I have a minute or two in between things, I mindlessly look over Facebook, not looking for anything in particular. Then one of two things happen: I leave it just as bored as I was before I opened it, or I get caught up in something worthless and waste a lot of time on it. Maybe one in ten times I actually communicate with someone or do or read something worthwhile.

So I decided I am going to try a new experiment: Facebook Friday. In theory, I will avoid checking Facebook except on Friday (unless I actually need to communicate with someone, like a family member who is more likely to check Facebook than answer my calls, though I am not naming any names there). Then I will post whatever cool/funny/worthless things that strike my fancy.

So here is my first Facebook Friday:

1. I entered to win a gift card from Brickyard Buffalo, the cute daily deal site started by my SIL's sister and where my BFF is a vendor.

2. I offered to lend our digital scale for our local Pinewood Derby. Something useful! That is the one redeeming virtue of Facebook; I find out about what is going on with people and how I can help.

3. Read lots of status updates about the weather (75 degrees in SoCal, -10 in Vernal, UT, "Wicked cold" in Boston).

4. Saw a lot of pictures of other people's kids.

5. Someone I knew in high school is having a girl.

6. It's Trafficking Awareness Month.  Check out the story on CNN. Someday I want to volunteer or work for an organization that represents trafficking victims.

7. People complaining about Obama, complete with sacrilegious magazine covers.

(Also, who can save Europe if not women?  =))

8. Lots of complaints about gun conrol.

9. Someone linked to this blog post about mothering and being enough. It is awesome.

10. More grumpy cat.

Happy Friday!

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