Monday, January 28, 2013

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals Jan. 28- Feb. 2

I told myself I would post more and get more done this week. So it goes.

January 21-26
*Put bathroom vanity back and start staining.  It is really hard to get working in there with these boys! I am hoping they will get on a more normal sleep schedule someday so I can get things done...
*Fill the green waste bin.
*Get quotes on tree removal and plumbing. In my defense, I waited twice for the tree guy and he didn't make it, and my phone is out of order so this has been tricky.

January 28- February 2
*Clean and sand the vanity, get prepped for staining (scaling back on this one!)
*Get that tree guy out here for a quote!
*Work on cleaning out the garage, getting rid of the rats (GROSS!!!)

In other news, this week we found out where my husband will be doing his clinical rotations. It is about 7 hours from here, so commuting isn't really an option. That is somewhat significant for this blog, because it means we are moving away from this house! Depending on how each market is looking we will either be renting it out or selling (probably renting it, but we'll see). And for me that means that I need to get all of the major projects done before the beginning of June. So hopefully from now to June you will see more progress going on around here. And after June, who knows what house I will be battling next...

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