Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals March 11-16

March 4-9
*Do third coat of gel stain on the vanity, (plus 2-3 coats on the back of the cabinet doors). Have everything ready for topcoat next week. I did one coat on the back of the doors, but didn't get to the second.
*Give back the tiling stuff and the Scout stuff!
*Sweep out the garage, clear out in front of the work bench.
*Take pictures of the eves that need replacing and cracks that need repairing before we can paint.
*Make one Pinterest recipe.

This week my sister is out of town so my niece and nephew are staying with us. So on top of the normal grind,  I am giving homeschooling a spin! So far it is making me grateful for lots of very patient and organized teachers growing up =).

March 11-16
*Put one more coat on the back of the cabinet doors.
*Put topcoat on everything but the back of the cabinet doors!
*Keep up with the big kids' homeschool lessons.
*Go outside every day.

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