Friday, March 8, 2013

Meg vs. Time: Facebook Friday

1. Quality Japanese television.

2. Punny.

3. My friend is posting on her hilarious Apartment Managers Blog again! You won't believe these stories. You can't make this stuff up.

4. Will Ferrell hilarity. Better because it makes fun of Twilight =).

5. Truth.

6. Debunking Mormon Myths.

7. Babies, cute babies! And more on the way! I guess I am at just the right age where it seems like EVERYONE is having babies. They are probably my favorite part of Facebook.

8. The man everyone loves to hate.

I bet he's thinking, "Can't we go back to bashing George W.? That was a lot more fun."

I should follow politics more, but it is hard not to get annoyed and stop reading.

9. Rand Paul got his answer. Again, I should be following politics more. But I really do have a hard time with the horrors that our own government has perpetrated and is perpetrating--under both parties--around the world.

10. Now to finish things off right, a science pun.

Happy Friday!


  1. #3 - she is your friend? I started reading her years ago...

    I laughed till I couldn't breathe over that sticky sidewalk video.

    1. Yup! Since jr. high. We even had a special high five/handshake thing when we played freshman basketball. She is as fun as she seems on her blog, and amazing to boot.