Friday, February 1, 2013

Meg vs. Time: Facebook Friday

Well, Facebook seems to be getting less entertaining for me, so I guess this whole Facebook Friday thing is working. Still, I found a few gems:

1. I believe in the Oxford comma.

2. I love Japan for a lot of reasons. This is one of them.

Click the link to see 9 more awesome buses.

3. My favorite status update of the week:  "I'm feeling a little old after my 1st grader told me that he can't use books from the 1900's for his space report because people in those days thought Pluto was a planet!"

4. One of my law school classmates and her husband are hoping to adopt a second baby. They are amazing, wonderful people. If you know anyone who this might interest, please pass it on! You can see their adoption profile here, and their blog here.

5. My brother posting more pictures from is trip to Japan.

6. This bird.

7. This post, reflecting a conversation Emily and I had about blogland.

8. Cute Valentine's cookies from Munchkin Munchies. Sadly, I have very little energy for making fancy cookies lately, but maybe I'll get my act together by V-Day.

9. Health Professions Humor. I think my husband will appreciate this.

10. A good post from a good blog. I think we all get too distracted by technology at times. This is one of the reasons I don't get a smart phone; I don't want the temptation all the time.

And this is a good time to go play cars and trains like my boys have been asking =). Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks for the #10 link..excellent! Neither of my girls have a smartphone, and I'm glad they weren't around when my kids were little:)
    Thanks for the link-love with my cookies!