Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meg vs. The Kitchen: soap dispenser and sponge dish

I did two really simple things to make my (never-ending!) dish washing a little less cumbersome.

1. I peeled the labels off of an old hand sanitizer bottle, washed it out, and filled it with dish soap. Good-bye giant Costco-size bottle on my counter!

2. I got a perfect little oval dish in a sunny color to hold the sponge, to remind me not to leave it in the bottom of the sink, where it gets buried under the dishes and further deters me from doing my least-favorite job. (This habit of mine was also a pet peeve for my husband, so this was a move toward marital harmony on my part.) (I also got six more of these fancy little dishes in blue for making cute little quiches and pot pies and desserts. I love Dollar Tree!)

Simple? Yes.
Live-altering? Yes.
Are the dishes done? Um, no. But they will be =)


  1. I need a little bowl like husband hates that too--when it falls to the bottom! Oh, and if you ever replace your sink you can buy one that has a spot (they have different numbers of holes) for a dispenser-I love mine! :)

  2. After reading this post a week or two ago, I've been thinking about how similar it is in our house. Mother-in-law does such a great job of keeping her sink empty, I think it's filtered down to all her sons that that is how a kitchen is run. Which is great, because this way I clean out my sink more often than I otherwise might. (Which may not be saying much, but it's a start : )