Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meg vs. Cleanliness and Polish: Fridge and more dresser (of course)

Tuesday: Spray finish on the dresser. Clean out the fridge.

Three coats on the dresser, and now it's in the garage curing for a few days before its final move into the nursery.

I have needed to clean out our fridge since before our vacation. I'll spare you any pictures--suffice it to say that it was gross. But no longer! I would reward myself with a treat, but the hubs made me sign up for LiveStrong with him (he wants to lose a few pounds, I want to avoid achieving blimp status), and I was forced to view how many calories I have already consumed today. Time for a glass of water and a lot of sleep!

*Bonus: We got paint this afternoon, and the hubs decided to paint one hallway tonight! Yay for getting ahead!

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