Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meg vs. The Nursery Dresser: Back to priming.

Wednesday: Prep the nursery dresser's changing table attachment for painting.

I forgot that I had already applied liquid sandpaper to the parts, so all I needed to do was prime today. They are done except for the part touching the floor, which I'll have to roll over quickly tomorrow. I'm just glad I actually did something I intended to do this week!

 Also, I still need to get the garage junk under control. It's like a catch-22; I can't clean the garage with the furniture and stuff in there that needs addressing, but I can't address them while the garage isn't clean. Sigh. John suggested I just take the kids to my mom's for a week or more while he and a friend tackle the big house projects. Maybe I'll have to take him up on that. First I have to get him to go to the doctor so he can stop being sick and I can put him back to work!  =)

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