Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals June 25-30

June 18-23
Monday: Sand and clean the trim in the front hall. Paint the trim.

Tuesday: Clean, tape, and paint the front hallway.

Wednesday: Prep the nursery dresser's changing table attachment for painting.

Thursday: Clear more brush, weeds, and trees from the back yard. Re-fill the green waste bin.

Friday: Remove the kids' bathroom door and start stripping the paint.

Saturday: Finish stripping the bathroom door. Start painting if possible.

As I mentioned, it has been a crazy week with one or the other of us being constantly sick. I think we are both on the mend, so let's hope for better work next week! In addition to what's on here, John also removed the hall closet door and took all of the hardware off of both doors, and I removed the junky molding from around the tub area in the front bathroom. John also talked to a friend of ours who is going to consult with us on the tiling projects in the next week or so. Part of me wants to ease up on the goals since we aren't finishing them, but I'm going to keep it ambitious because we have way too much to get done this summer. So here goes nothing.

June 25-30
Monday: Re-fill that green waste bin. Paint a coat on the changing table attachment. Tape the front hallway. Hang the mirror in the living room above the bench.

Tuesday: Paint the front hallway. Start stripping the bathroom door.

Wednesday: Finish stripping the bathroom door. Pick up new hardware for all the doors.

Thursday: Prime the bathroom door. Pull down the vinyl sheeting from the bath surround and inspect the green board behind it.

Friday: Paint the bathroom door.

Saturday:  Paint the closet door. Re-hang the bathroom door if it doesn't need another coat (or add another coat).

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