Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meg vs. The Living Room: Monster junk pile

Monday: Clean the tiling tools that aren't being used. Straighten up the pile of equipment in the living room and put away as much as possible.

While John was working on the bathroom, we moved the bench into the dining room to accommodate the boxes of tile and extra equipment we borrowed. And, of course, over time that pile grew into the monstrosity below. I labeled it for your viewing convenience.

Ridiculous. So I set about getting it pared down to what it was meant to be, which meant getting some things ready to return (I left a subtle hint for John by putting that cement board on the front porch...), putting things not related to the bathroom out in the garage, and just cleaning in general. Sadly, this did take me all day, though I also did most of my normal daily chores as well.

Much better. Now instead of being a pile of junk haunting me, it is back to being a pile of tiling things haunting my husband. Hee hee.

He is currently swamped with school and not planning on doing much more until after his first block of exams. He kindly suggested that I take the kids to my mom's place for a few days at that point so that he could get the bathroom done for me. I kindly reminded him that I would be 12 days from my due date and there was no way on earth I was driving 4 hours alone with two toddlers. He kindly said he would do his best to get it done here. What a good husband I have!


  1. haha - well at least you are kindly to one another! this blog is hilarious. I want to leave a comment on every post!