Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meg vs. The Nursery: DIY Crib Bumper to Rail Bumper

Wednesday: Attempt to turn the crib bumper into a rail guard.

Let's just forget about that Tuesday goal. I did as much sanding as I could reach, but the dust, the sauna that is that bathroom, and my belly were not all getting along.

On to today! I actually did it! Since the doctors of the universe have turned anti-bumper, I thought I would repurpose ours to hide the crib scars from our baby beaver protect the next child's mouth and gastrointestinal tract:

As you can tell, my kids have a lot of teeth.

So I started with this lovely fellow.

There were seams at each corner of the crib, so it was easy to figure out where to cut so that I would have a strip long enough for one side.

Before cutting, I picked the piping off of the next section with a seam ripper so that I could fold it down and use it to cover that exposed edge, like so:

Then I sewed down the edge, spread out the ties (I only needed one tie on each side now instead of two), and I was done!

Repeat for the other side, then tie that bad boy on. Ta-da!

P.S. This bumper was actually part of a set, but little brother refuses to sleep on anything that isn't minky soft just like his blankie and so the non-sporty sheet. And I have no clue where the matching crib skirt went; I'll have to find it before I finish this nursery makeover. I am so stinking organized I kill myself sometimes.

P.P.S.S. I also started a headboard project today. It was one disaster after another. Good thing I had this project to post, because until I started writing I was very crabby. In fact, I think John is still afraid to talk to me. I should probably go apologize now. Now if my room never has a headboard, you will know why.

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