Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals August 20-25

This week's report:

August 13-18
Monday: Clean the tiling tools that aren't being used. Straighten up the pile of equipment in the living room and put away as much as possible.

Tuesday: Sand and touch up patch job in the front bathroom. Spray on texture.

Wednesday: Attempt to turn the crib bumper into a rail guard.

Thursday: Dust off and paint another coat on the changing table attachment.

Friday: Buy fabric and start bunting for nursery wall.

Saturday: Clean and sand kids' doors for painting.

I ended up spending my project time on Friday and Saturday making a kitchen for my boys. Post to come on that soon.

And next week:
August 20-25
Monday: Go thrifting for frames, etc.

Tuesday: Buy backing fabric and finish putting nursery bunting together.

Wednesday: Clean and sand kids' doors for painting.

Thursday: Get blackboard paint tinted. Start painting magnetic layer on the board.

Friday: Rake, mow, water the lawn.

Saturday: Tackle the headboard project again.

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