Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals August 27-September 1

Sorry to the three people that read this for not posting all week. As you can see, I have been keeping up pretty well on my projects, but have been a terrible blogger. Reasons? For one, I can't seem to get my house clean enough to take any non-humiliating pictures. Also, once the main projects are done I lose a little motivation to do the finishing touches (e.g. It took me until last night to finally iron the clothes I got at the thrift store so I could post them, and I still haven't gotten to actually hanging up the bunting with anything but painter's tape). And now who knows where my camera is in my mess of a house.

I was just thinking to myself that, three years into being a stay-at-home mom, I still have not managed the adjustment to home life as I would have hoped. I am terrible at doing things without an external deadline, I still hate housework and will latch on to any distraction to avoid it, and I am still terrible at going to bed at a reasonable hour. There is a lot more on that list, but those are the most obnoxious ones right now. The one thing I have gotten good at is not caring about how everyone else is doing in comparison, and appreciating life. I have it good and I'm grateful for the gifts of time and means to make it better. Change is wonderful as long as it is in the right direction.

So who knows? Maybe I'll actually blog next week.

August 20-25
Monday: Go thrifting for frames, etc. Had a better-than-usual trip, and will post about it some time.

Tuesday: Buy backing fabric and finish putting nursery bunting together.

Wednesday: Clean and sand kids' doors for painting. Probably just as well I didn't blog this. Not very exciting.

Thursday: Get blackboard paint tinted. Start painting magnetic layer on the board. This paint is a pain in the rear and reeks to boot. It made me sick. Not sure why I didn't make my husband do it. But I am going to make him pick up the paint thinner to clean up the mess I made...

Friday: Rake, mow, water the lawn. Also, found a wasps' next on the side of our house. Sa-weet.

Saturday: Tackle the headboard project again. Try again next week...

August 27-September 1  (What? September? Not possible. 4 weeks to d-day!)
Monday: Finish the sewing for the headboard (let's try for a less ambitious goal, shall we?).

Tuesday: Put the headboard together.

Wednesday: Sand, then paint the chalkboard layer on the board.

Thursday: Buy molding for the chalkboard.

Friday: Attach the molding to the chalkboard. Make the hubs figure out how to hang it safely. Clean house because Mom is coming! (Don't worry, Mom, I'm sure I'll leave some dishes, just for you.)

Saturday: Make decisions about framing projects, pick up paint, and start painting.

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