Friday, August 17, 2012

Meg vs. The Nursery: Curtain Extension

Thursday goal? Ha! Let's forget any goal that requires me to move anything in the garage or reach anywhere awkward...indefinitely. But the day didn't go to waste! I had a problem with the curtains I had for the baby room:

These red stripey curtains were one of the first things I made for our first apartment after we got married, and I purposely picked something that would coordinate with a sports theme because I knew that was what John would want for any boys we had. Clearly our windows were shorter. I dug through my pile of nursery things to see how I could alter the curtains instead of chucking them, and I came across this beauty:

A wall quilt we have never used. With stars on the back.

Aaaaand now those stars are on the bottom of my curtains.

Patriotic, don't you think? If you are ever at my house, please don't look at the actual stitching. I am such a lazy seamstress, and I did a terrible job. But my toddler doesn't seem to care, and I don't think #3 will care when the room becomes his.

The quilt also left me with a nice length of blue starry edging that I am going to use for my bunting. I did go shopping for fabric, but I didn't find anything I liked, so I am planning on using scraps from the bumper and wall quilt to do the job. I figure it's economical, and it will all match! It is nice to feel like one room in the house is coming together, even if I have zero idea what to do with the rest of the house.

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  1. That's an awesome alteration! Patriotic and sporty look cute together. And I just love those blue stars. It's a good thing you found that old quilt. I'm excited to see what your bunting will look like!

    -Roxie Tenner