Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meg vs. The Car: One long day.

We got our alignment fixed and tires replaced today. It only took:
1 walk to and from McDonalds with 4 boys 5 and under (my nephew was with us),
20 chicken nuggets and 3 yogurt parfaits,
1 face plant into the play place mat,
1 pants change,
1 unexpected trip to Costco,
2 frozen yogurts,
1 heinously large bag of veggie straws,
3 toddler meltdowns,
1 poopsplosion,
1 call to Grammy, and
1 nursing session in a corner outside Costco while the big boys fought in the cart.

I wanted to hug the tire guy when he pulled our van right up on the sidewalk for us to jump right in.

I got home and John took a study break because big brother wanted to wash the cars with him, so they are sparkly clean too.

Good thing I had this super easy taco soup planned for dinner. Took 10 minuted to make and was pretty tasty! I am currently ignoring the fact that I have hardly touched my goals from 2 weeks ago, let alone set more for this week. We'll just be happy we got through Wednesday!

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