Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meg vs. Vision: Firmoo Free Glasses & Giveaway on Lil' Bit & Nan!

Recently my 2-year-old broke my only pair of glasses. They were my only pair because he also broke the pair before that. What can I say? He loves glasses and is not good at being gentle with them. So currently my glasses are taped together and sitting in the car so I can use them to drive, but the rest of time life has been a blur in a more literal way than usual.
Enter Firmoo! I recently remembered that Bethany over at Lil' Bit & Nan had blogged about their First Pair Free program, and when I headed over to look up the information, lo and behold, she is holding a giveaway for another pair of free glasses from Firmoo! So I went ahead and ordered my free pair, and if I'm really lucky, then I'll get that pair of prescription sunglasses I've been wanting, or maybe a back-up pair of glasses (imagine that!). They have lots of cute and really affordable styles, so head over to Firmoo to check them out, and over to Lil' Bit & Nan to enter this awesome giveaway! Thanks Bethany!

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