Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals Feb. 25-Mar. 2

It was a long time coming, but I finally reached my goals from a month ago.

February 4-9
*Clean and sand the vanity, get prepped for staining (scaling back on this one!) As I was sanding, I noticed some bubbling on the side of the vanity. Uh-oh! That part is particle board and so I can't just sand it off. I am afraid that my gel staining plan may go down the tubes, and we will be looking at buying a new vanity instead =(
*Get that tree guy out here for a quote! Had an adventure with a shady character starting the job, asking for money, getting in an argument with John in the front yard... I am too nice to people sometimes. Thankfully John got it all resolved for us, and in the end the guy did at least hack down part of the yucca tree at a rate cheaper than the pros. Ended up getting two real quotes later the same day, and the guy we liked better brought his price down as a result. He should be coming in the next couple of weeks when his schedule opens up.
*Work on cleaning out the garage, getting rid of the rats. Slowly purging and throwing things away. And John caught a rat in one of his traps! Gross, but what can you do?
*Get everything ready for Big Brother's birthday party! He loved it. Maybe if I get a few minutes I will post his checkered flag Cars cake.

I can't believe it took me so long to get that done! But lest I get myself bogged down, here is a list of other things I did in the last few weeks:

*Hung the bathroom door back up so I can work on the vanity without the boys getting into things.
*Filled two green waste bins with pieces of our yucca tree, TWICE!
*Decorated for and celebrated Valentine's Day with my kiddos.
*Got out of the house almost every day.
*Got up to running about 3.5 miles.
*Made 4 Pinterest recipes: 8 can taco soup, strawberry almond milk ice creamdorayaki and churro waffles. Dorayaki won for my favorite, taco soup was a surprise hit with John.
*Took apart the broken chair sitting in our garage and put it in the trash
*Replaced the car seat baby brother grew out of and got rid of the old one.
*Replaced all four tires on the van and got the wonky alignment fixed.
*Got our car back after having it stolen. Bought a cheap version of The Club.

Here's to making good on this week's goals:

February 25 - March 2
*Try out the gel stain on the bathroom vanity, see if it will work. If it does, do a first coat. If it doesn't, shop for a deal on a vanity.
*Clean out all of the tiling supplies still sitting in the living room/garage, give things back that we borrowed.
*Gather up all of the Boy Scout stuff that has been left in our van at various times and accumulated in the garage. Send it back to the Scouts.
*Get some recommendations for a handyman to fix our rotting eves.
*Make one Pinterest recipe
*Practice the piano.

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