Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meg vs. Safety: Fire/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Wednesday: Put up new smoke/CO detectors. Call to set up final house inspection.

It has been a busy day. I have been trying to clean our house--really clean it--and have done everything but the floors and the tubs. That is a lot for me (I usually don't even manage to do the dishes daily!). So when the plug on the smoke detector didn't fit the plug in the ceiling, I couldn't bear to go out and turn off the electricity and re-wire it just before bed time. And good thing I didn't, because the little one decided he didn't want his dinner anymore just as I was putting him in bed, and kindly returned it onto my shirt (and his own jammies). So I gave myself a pass on that one.

However, I did install two combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in the hallways, so I didn't completely neglect the goal. My current plan is to do the last one later this week when we also put in the new light switch, since both require wiring in the same room.

Now that my 2-hour bedtime fiasco is over, time to get those floors and tubs and GO TO BED!

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