Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meg vs. The Garage: shelves, workbench, and junk!

Wednesday:  Put up new shelves in the garage, put work bench in place.

I am kind of (a lot) embarrassed to post this, but this is what our garage looked like this morning:

Serious. Part of the problem with moving multiple times without much time to organize is that we ended up with a whole bunch of what I call "BOJ" (boxes of junk). Random stuff thrown in boxes. And we have a dozen or more of them, all piled on top of each other, mingled with other random stuff that we don't use really often. It was overwhelming to go out there.

My mom got us these lovely shelves when she was last here, so I determined to put them to use at last.

She also gave us the work bench that my uncle made for my grandpa once-upon-a-time, and it has been sitting at the end of our garage for months going unused. And we have a perfect spot for it, right under the window looking out at the back yard.

My plan was to make space for one shelf, put it up, then put enough junk on it to make space for the next shelf, and repeat the process until the big things were more or less where I wanted them. I realize junk on a shelf is still junk, but it looks more manageable.

Here is my progress after nap time:

You can actually see [a small part of] the floor! So invigorating. And here it is at the end of the night.

I even have my project I had planned for tomorrow laid out. Only one small catch; I realized that the design I had in mind isn't going to work, and that buying the necessary equipment isn't going to be worth it. I am going to reconfigure, and a friend of ours is going to help me with the cutting when it's all figured out. So this one is getting transferred to the list for next week, and I am changing tomorrow's goal. I can do that, because it's Leap Day =).

Thursday:  Clean out at least 3 BOJ's in the garage.

By the end of the week, our garage might actually be functional! Imagine that!

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