Friday, May 4, 2012

Meg vs. The Dining Room: New Ceiling Hook

Thursday: Pick up more stain and a protective coat. Start staining the bench.

I have been a serious space cadet; so much so that I completely forgot that I had a doctor's appointment this morning until we were at a birthday party in the evening. I guess I'll have to call in and reschedule on Monday... Oh, also, I'll have to catch up on the bench =). They couldn't match my sample or tell me what color it was, but I think I can venture a pretty good guess after looking at the varieties.

Friday: Have the hubs help me replace the hook in the ceiling and re-hang the chandelier.

I actually got brave and replaced the ceiling hook by myself! If you recall, our chandelier came crashing down amidst our birthday celebrations last week. This was the culprit:

First I unscrewed the old hook.

Next I got some pliers and unscrewed the old post. The bracket above will just be lost in the dark wilderness that is the attic I suppose.

Then I pulled out this heavier-duty bad-boy that I picked up last week.

After looking at the instructions, it seemed almost insulting to say that I needed John to help. So I just went ahead and did it.

To be honest, it made me a little nervous that it only had picture instructions, but when I took a look at the mechanism it made sense. Here is my handy hook!

And the chandelier, back where it belongs. I still need to pick up some electrical tape to fix the wiring before we can use it, but at least it's not half-sitting half-dangling on the table anymore!

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