Friday, February 24, 2012

Meg vs. The Closet: Finito!

FridayPut shelves back in the hall closet, put things away inside.

The hall closet is finally done! I almost feel like we have actually moved into the house now.

Here is the before, with the shelves taken out:

I just realized that this picture is upside-down, but it looks the same either way.

And here it is now:

The cute contact paper was a gift from my mom, who has been my super-cheerleader (and partial funder!) in my projects. I filled the closet with all my craft/sewing/stationery/wrapping stuff, all of which had been stuffed in our bedroom closet. Now John can open our closet door without worrying that a roll of wrapping paper will fall out on him (and they did, all the time! He was constantly cursing their existence. I can buy wrapping paper on clearance with a clear conscience now!).

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