Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goal Review & New Goals

Time to report!

Here are this week's goals:

February 20-25
Monday:  Put the bed together in Ethan's room.

Tuesday:  Paint the hall closet.

Wednesday:  Trim bushes in the front yard. Start cutting up the giant branch I hacked down on a whim.

Thursday:  Re-pot fruit trees left by the previous owners.

Friday:  Put shelves back in the hall closet, put things away inside.

Saturday:   Buy plywood for the missing panel in the garage, nail it up. Buy a ladder.

I am so excited that I did all my goals this week! Admittedly they were not really challenging things, but I succeeded in making them enough of a priority to get them done. Special thanks to my wonderful husband who did things like clean the whole kitchen and tie a sheet of plywood to the top of our car.

And now, next week's goals!

February 27-March 3
Monday:  Clean out the fridge.

Tuesday:  Clean and caulk around the master tub/shower.

Wednesday:  Put up new shelves in the garage, put work bench in place.

Thursday:  Put up molding shelves in the living room.

Friday:  Sort through boxes of randomness in the garage.

Saturday:  Sweep off the roof, clean gutters, look at potentially leaky spots.

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