Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meg vs. The Bathroom: Cabinet preliminaries and brainstorming

Saturday: Clean out front bathroom cabinet, take off doors (and magazine holder if possible) and brainstorm replacements.

I am not sure that I improved anything with this project, but at least I got it going. Here are my subjects before my interference:

Out-of-style cabinet doors. Sloppily, gloppily painted such that a makeover would be highly annoying.

Matching magazine rack. Kind of a fun idea, but not really our style (not to mention horribly painted and globbed onto the wall.

I was painstakingly going around trying to separate the rack from the wall with a screwdriver, when my husband suggested that he should just rip it off. I expressed my hesitations, he thought better, so I let him go for it.

 I told him he gets to fix the wall. Good thing he has the summer off!  =)

On to the cabinet. Here it is with the doors removed. Yikes!

And sans grimy contact paper...

I am kind of inclined to leave it open and re-do the inside. That seems to be in now, doesn't it?


You can find the links to these fun photos on my Pinterest board, here.

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  1. I think it would look good if you left it open, but I guess it depends what you are going to put in there. Looks fun!