Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meg vs. The Nursery: Painted dresser.

My apologies for dropping off the planet for a few days. There was really no reason for it, except I was in survival mode while John took his last exams of the year, and I also made the mistake of starting to read Anna Karenina. But I did my jobs! Here is the dresser after the first coat of paint (I forgot to take pictures after I primed).

I thought the brush lines would bother me a lot, but I actually kind of like the look. Here it is after the second coat. I may still put on a third before I finish it off. And of course tonight my husband is bringing home another whole furniture set that needs painting. Oh, the fun!

Monday: Prime the dresser! Do a quick sanding.

Tuesday: Paint the first coat on the dresser!

Wednesday: Paint the second coat on the dresser.

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