Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meg vs. Lunch: Veggie quesadillas

My boys are a little picky when it comes to vegetables. Mr. 3-year old less so, but still mostly only eats them under force of threat or bribe. Mr. 18-month-old straight up refuses. Thus, I spend some effort trying to disguise said vegetables as, well, not vegetables. My (and their) favorite thing to do is to toss veggies into a quesadilla, since they are generally happy to eat most things that are doused in cheese and smooshed between two tortillas. Here are my weapons of choice:

Photo here.
Really tasty, no crazy ingredients, and not too pricey (though my mom knows I love it so she usually grabs me a jar periodically).

Photo here.
I love love love black beans! And this is my favorite canned version (I know, I need to make my own since it's cheaper and healthier, but this does the trick for now). Don't get the Target brand kind! Super gross.

Photo here.
I like it fresh, ripped into little pieces, and tossed on. But sometimes little brother recognizes it and picks it out/refuses to eat any more.

Photo here.
These are extra stealthy when grated and mixed in with the cheese.

Ta-da! I want to go eat another one right now!

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