Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meg vs. The Yard: Shopping and another coat on the bench

Wednesday: Pick up plant food, grout cleaner, and another can of stain. Apply second coat of stain to the rocking bench.

The boys helped me do the shopping this morning, and we even managed to pick up more soil for the garden, cat repellant (someone was digging in our garden last night and killed our healthiest pumpkin plant), and paint chips for the dresser for the boys' room (a friend is going to give us a set for free!). Then during nap time I did this:

I guessed on the stain color and it seemed to match pretty well. The bench is still not perfect, but I touched up a lot of spots I had missed in the dark and got most of the back of the bench, which I had left undone due to lack of stain. It's coming along, and I am happy that our porch is not looking so empty.

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