Monday, May 21, 2012

Meg vs. The Living Room: So far...

I am still trying to brainstorm some cute decor for our living rooms walls, and I realized I haven't really posted what I've done so far. The ceiling fan was the very first thing we did in the living room, and we tried to keep it consistent with the mission style fixtures throughout the living areas. But with all of the dark colors, we hope to lighten things up with our accent choices. My curtains came from a king-size sheet set, and the vase came from the dollar store and was painted inside with a free quart from Ace (if you're on Facebook and have an Ace Hardware nearby, keep on the lookout for their free quart Saturdays!). I filled the vase with branches cut from our back yard and stuck on some flowers and leaves cut out of my ever-growing paint chip collection.

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