Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meg vs. Miscellany: Three days' catch-up.

Three days with no post! Things got crazy Thursday (I was only home for about an hour between 8am and 9pm), and I am still trying to get back on track. But I haven't forgotten my goals (even if I've neglected cooking and doing the dishes...)!

Thursday: Clean up the garage (again). Take a look at hardware on the dresser.

I wouldn't say the garage is clean, but you can actually walk from one end to the other again. Cleaning mostly consisted of breaking down tons of cardboard boxes leftover from project purchases and filling up the recycling bin.

I also fixed the hardware on the dresser for the nursery! It ended up being a 5-minute job that involved pounding the rails back into place with a hammer. Things like that make me feel silly for having put them off.

And added bonus: I found the electrical tape and finished our patch job on the chandelier wiring!

Friday: Apply waterproofer to the rocking bench.

I technically did this, in that I did a little more touching up on the bench, read the can of waterproofer, realized that my stain already has waterproofer in it, and then put everything away. Ha! The can says to check and potentially re-apply once a year, so we'll worry about it again next May.

Saturday: Pick up paint chips for the dresser. Start sanding/coat with liquid sandpaper. 

We found out Thursday that we are having another little boy, so the paint chips for the nursery dresser are the same selection I'll be choosing from for the big boys' room, since all of the bedding and accessories match for both. Now I just have to choose and get to work!

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