Monday, March 12, 2012

Meg vs. The Backyard: Clearing and planting

MondayClear a place and plant the boysenberries.

Well, I technically did this one, but not exactly how I originally intended. After an hour in the backyard, the "place" we had decided on for the boysenberries looked like this:

After an hour or so more, it looked like this:

And the waste bin looked like this:

So much for my other goal this week to get rid of more of the tree!

I decided that with all the roots and trash in ground, I should probably do more to clean it out before planting anything. And then I second-guessed our decision to plant the berries next to the house (I am nothing if not indecisive). So finally I just did this:

I both cleared a place and planted the boysenberries. I love buying time for more indecisiveness =).

Aren't you jealous of how splendid our back yard looks already?

Overgrown side yard, complete with decomposing cardboard

The trees my hubby wants me to leave alone (yeah right)

 Ivy everywhere! I am thisclose to convincing John that it is a noxious weed and shouldn't be his favorite landscaping feature.

 One of two dead trees.

 Dirty deck, shaky trellis.


p.s. That bit about our splendid yard was a joke.

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  1. I am envious of your yard - all my work pruning thorn vines and pulling out ivy will be for naught when I move. I'm saving my management company $$ and I love working outside, but at least you own yours : )