Monday, March 5, 2012

Meg vs. The Living and Dining Rooms: more painting

MondayTouch up trim in the living room, 1st coat of paint on wainscoting and dining room trim. Paint new shelves.

I was awakened this morning at 5:30 a.m. by an earthquake rattling our closet doors, and decided I might as well get going since painting and toddlers don't mix very well. I quickly decided that I was incredibly over-zealous with today's goal; I should have given myself a day of cleaning and prep and then split the living and dining room into two days. But I also quickly decided that I really didn't want to pull all this stuff out again tomorrow, especially because I remembered I had volunteered to have people over in the morning. So I might as well try to shove as much in as possible today.

I was painting pretty much every minute I could, and the boys were a bit impatient with my ignoring them the whole day. It's nice that I can watch them in the playroom and in the backyard from my vantage point standing on a chair in the dining room; it made the morning slightly more tolerable for everyone. I had to take the afternoon off and take the boys for a walk because they were losing it by then, so I resumed again after they went to bed. I ended up finishing the living room trim, both coats on the wainscoting, and a first coat on all the dining room trim, but didn't get to the shelves. I feel like with the living room out of the picture, tomorrow will be more manageable. Pictures to come!

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  1. I do want to see pictures of everything once it's done. You may need to put them on your regular blog because I am afraid that your admirers will not remember to come to your Meg vs. The House blog. OXOXOX Mama