Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly goals

This week's goals:

March 5-10

Monday:  Touch up trim in the living room, 1st coat of paint on wainscoting and dining room trim. Paint new shelves.

Tuesday:  2nd coat of paint on wainscoting, dining room trim, and shelves if needed.

Wednesday:  Trim hedge along driveway, cut up more of the tree branch.

Thursday:  Paint dining room walls.

Friday:  Clean gutters, sweep the driveway.

Saturday:  [Install new shelves - moved to after exams] Go to nursery, get advice, and buy plants/supplies for square-foot gardens and fertilizer for fruit trees. Start putting planters out.

Next week's goals:

March 12-17 - Preparedness week! (Not at all influenced by the fact that we've had 3 earthquakes in the last few weeks.)

Monday:  Clear a place and plant the boysenberries.

Tuesday:  Plan 72-hour kits, make a shopping list, order supplies online, gather things we already have.

Wednesday:  Prune the roses in the front yard. Re-fill green waste bin with more tree debris.

Thursday:  Shopping day! Buy any additional supplies for 72-hour kits and finish putting them together.

Friday: Re-set master toilet on new wax ring. Look under the house to see what the sub-floor looks like.

Saturday: Fun time! Sew slipcover for the living room bench.

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