Friday, March 16, 2012

Meg vs. Preparation: More 72-hour kits!

ThursdayShopping day! Buy any additional supplies for 72-hour kits and finish putting them together.

I did this as much as was possible today. My Amazon order still isn't here, and the kits are still very very basic, but they are started and I think we could survive with them even if they aren't ideal.

I only had about an hour and a half round trip to do my shopping this morning. The road to WalMart was ridiculously crowded, so I changed course and headed to Target. I probably ended up spending a little more there, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Plus shopping at Target is significantly more pleasant than the alternative.

I found some little kiddy backpacks on clearance for $7.68, which was perfect for the boys and baby #3 (I think everyone who reads this should know by now, especially with my last post. But if not, surprise!). Here is what I put together:

Each person got two food bags; one for meals, one for snacks. Breakfasts: 5 oatmeal packets. Lunches: One easy mac, two tuna packets. Dinner: Three cans. The only differences between the kids and adults are that the adults got chile instead of ravioli, and the kids got Cliff Kidz Bars that I got on clearance instead of full size ones.

Kids' miscellaneous bags: Toothbrush/paste, tissue, notepad, sunscreen, comb, hand sanitizer, mask, washcloth, map with important addresses and phone numbers.

It all just barely fit with a change of clothes and a roll of toilet paper. We will have to pack a separate bag with diapers and wipes for everyone.

And this is everything that baby #3 has so far. Toothbrush, washcloth, notepad (it was extra), juice (in case of dehydration). We'll work on that pack later.

For now I filled the rest with extra water and an activity for big brothers.

Here is my miscellaneous bag. It has meds for the family, sewing kit, aloe gel, a lighter, and can opener (all from the dollar store!) in addition to what the kids have. Hubby has the same one minus the meds, since he'll be getting the giant first aid kit in his bag.

Here is hubby's bag.

And here they are all packed up!
In our front closet, ready to go out the door.

I'll keep building them little by little, but it feels good to have something. Bring it on, nature. (No, just kidding. Please don't.)

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