Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meg vs. The Roof: Clearing the Debris

SaturdaySweep off the roof, clean gutters, look at potentially leaky spots.  [Trim tree over garage, install oven, get shelves put together]

Sorry, I neglected to take any pictures today; it has been pretty busy. As soon as John was available to watch the boys this morning, he helped me climb up on the roof and I got to sweeping. I decided that trimming the tree back was a higher priority right now than cleaning the gutters, since it is the tree that is clogging the gutters in the first place. So I cut back all of the branches within reach, some of which were sitting right on the roof and holding piles of poo-berry tree junk in place. There was already visible deterioration on the roof, so I'm glad I didn't wait too much longer.

Also, a friend of ours came over and helped us install our new (used) oven, which I had slated on my goals for next week. Then when I showed him what I was thinking for the shelves he took the materials home and whipped them up in an hour or so and then brought them back. We have awesome friends! So installing my awesome shelves will be added to next week. Even though I didn't do what I originally intended, I think it was a successful day!

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