Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meg vs. Preparation: Dollar Tree supplies!

I need to start looking at the weather forecast before setting my weekly goals. It is supposed to rain all this week! So no yard work for me. It worked out well anyway; we ended up having a pretty busy day where I needed to be out and about more than usual. Here is the new goal I set yesterday:

WednesdayBuy supplies for 72-hour kits at the Dollar Tree and start sorting supplies into baggies.

I love the dollar store. You have to know prices so you know what things are good deals and what things aren't (i.e. a tiny box of cereal or a can of peas is not), and it's hard not to get carried away, but overall it is a wonderful place to find some unexpected things. I took a picture of everything I bought, but due to some technical difficulties, I couldn't upload it. Boo.

But here are the baggies I have sorted so far. There is one for toiletries, one for food, and one for other miscellany. When they are completed (theoretically tomorrow), I will post exactly what I put in each bag.

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