Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meg vs. The Dining Room: more trim paint

Tuesday:  2nd coat of paint on wainscoting, dining room trim, and shelves if needed.

I realized this is a day late. But I guess it's appropriate because technically I finished this one very early this morning... I just couldn't get painting during the day with the boys running around and not enough time to dry during nap time. But I forced myself to stay up until it was done, and I'm glad!

There really isn't anything to see in this picture, except maybe why it took me so much time to do the trim; so many doors and molding! It got painstaking after a while.

I realized I needed to leave a day for the paint to dry before I start taping, so there will be some goal switching going on. And I still have only put one coat of paint on one out of three shelves, but I'll give myself until Saturday to get those painted and on the wall. Phew.

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