Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meg vs. Decor and the Garden: Shopping!

Thursday: Go thrifting for a large mirror and other decorations. Buy seeds to start for garden.

This seems like it would be an easy goal for a day, but it means either dragging two toddlers shopping all over the place or figuring out how to leave them at home. Lucky for me, John had the day off.

We all took a trip to Home Depot in the morning. We picked up a ceiling fan for our room, looked at bathroom fans (we ended up ordering on Amazon), and I grabbed a whole pile of seeds as fast as I could since by then the kiddos were DONE.

I was able to escape during nap time to do my thrifting. Sadly, I found no mirror to my liking. All the thrift mirrors were surprisingly pricey and not particularly attractive. I could get the same thing for the same price new at Ross. We want something with some visual interest, perhaps round or oval to offset all the straight lines and right angles in the room. And perhaps something I can paint a bright color to wake things up a bit. But nothing yet.

What I did find (at Ross; I was getting desperate, and it was next to Goodwill) was a king size sheet set in the same pattern (though a slightly different color) as my bench fabric. I think they will make fine drapes and accents for the living room.

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