Monday, April 9, 2012

Meg & John vs. The House: Catching up

Monday: Catch up on last week's projects. Catch up on sleep.

To best demonstrate how we did on today's goal, it's time to go back to last week again:

Monday: Clear off our desk and clean our room.

Tuesday: Clear a place to plant sunflowers and put a planter in the side yard. Re-fill the green waste bin!

Wednesday: Put up new smoke/CO detectors. Call to set up final house inspection.

Thursday: Clean out the gutter drain in the front yard. Pull weeds if there is still room in the can.

Friday: Change out the dimmer switch in the master bedroom. Cut up the rest of the branches and put in the shed for fire wood.

Saturday: Start refinishing bench - put on liquid sandpaper, go buy paint and hardware for drawers.

I am happy with all of it. It turns out the drains were fine but the gutters were full again, so I ended up cleaning out the front gutters. We changed the light switch and put in the smoke alarm, watched a movie with our kiddos and took a trip to Costco. I let my awesome hubby sleep in, then he cleaned the kitchen while I took a nap. We'll call it a successful Day 1 of Spring Break.

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