Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals April 16-21

April 9-14  (Spring Break!)
Monday: Catch up on last week's projects. Catch up on sleep.

Tuesday: Buy paint for bedrooms. Paint a final coat on the bench.

Wednesday: Kindly ask hubby to put blinds back up in the living room. Pull out sheets and figure out a plan for curtains.

Thursday: Finish clearing out the side yard. Re-fill the green waste bin.

Friday: Start painting master bedroom.

Saturday: Finish painting master bedroom.

April 16-21
Monday: Paint a second coat on the door trim. Put a coat on the trim and baseboards in the hallway as well. Take down the blinds and clean around the windows.

Tuesday: Tape and paint the master bedroom walls.

Wednesday: Do a second coat and/or touch-up in the master bedroom as needed.

Thursday: Clean up the painting stuff and put the bedroom back together. Put a final coat of paint on the living room bench.

Friday: Re-fill the green waste bin! Clear as much in the side yard as possible.

Saturday: Plant more seeds with the boys. Work on decorations for the living room.

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