Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meg vs. The Living Room: Window Treatments

Wednesday: Kindly ask hubby to put blinds back up in the living room. Pull out sheets and figure out a plan for curtains.

I made curtains today! I had only done so once before, and they were pretty crude. I can't say that today's rendition are much better, but the fact that they came from a sheet helped because 3/4 of the seams were already done for me. The only problem is, the curtain rod we snatched at Ross in a hurry was too short, so I couldn't put them up. Boo! To make myself feel better, I turned one king-size pillowcase into two cases for throw pillows, and they are now sitting on our couch. I can't make anything else for that room in that fabric, or I think I will start to detest it even though I am totally in love with it now.

I did kindly asked my hubby to put up the blinds, and he kindly said that he would... then went off to study. I am confident that they will be put up soon. He has been super pro-active with the house projects this week, so I can't complain! Pictures to come as soon as we get things up and ready.

P.S. More living room news: our correct couches should be delivered next Friday or Saturday. No more borrowed couches with shipping fabric draped over them! Yay!

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